IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference (NMDC)

Volunteers Needed for NMDC 2018

Interested in being an event volunteer for NMDC 2018? We would love your help! Please fill the fields below and we will try to accommodate your preferences!

Please note that most of the volunteer roles will take place at the Embassy Suites Hilton hotel in downtown Portland. Other roles may require presence at PSU or travelling between the two locations, depending on the time you volunteer and your preference on role.

Please refer to this document for information on volunteering (especially what roles are available at certain times for the conference):

Volunteer Application Form

    NMDC 2018 Conference Volunteer Application Form

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    Friday October 12th (some point during the day, TBD)Sunday October 14th (morning-midday)Sunday October 14th (afternoon)Sunday October 14th (evening)Monday October 15th (morning)Monday October 15th (around midday)Monday October 15th (afternoon)Monday October 15th (evening)Tuesday October 16th (morning)Tuesday October 16th (around midday)Tuesday October 16th (afternoon)Tuesday October 16th (evening)Wednesday October 17th (morning)Wednesday October 17th (around midday)Wednesday October 17th (afternoon)Wednesday October 17th (evening)Thursday October 18th (some point during the day, TBD)

    Please check off which one of the following briefing drop-in sessions you will be attending (this will not count for recorded volunteer time). If you are unsure which ones, just check off multiple for now. An e-mail will be sent out with finalized times/locations.
    Wednesday October 10th 6PM, virtual (probably Skype, TBD)Thursday October 10th mid-late afternoon/early evening (Times/location TBD)Friday October 9th mid-late afternoon/early evening (Times/location TBD)

    What are your role preferences? (select top 3)
    PSU Lab Tour Chaperones (Oct 17)RegistrationRunnerSession Assistance (room)Session Assistance (door)Setup/Teardown

    Any comments you would like to add? (for example, exactly which hours are you willing to volunteer on your chosen times)

    Thank you very much for applying as a volunteer!

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