IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference (NMDC)

Special Session Proposal 2018

Proposals for Special Sessions (of 90 minutes, consisting of a 30 minute invited talk followed by 3 papers) are submitted to the Special Session Chair for approval using the form below.

In particular, a Special Session proposal will need to include:

  1. Names of Session Organizer(s) with their affiliations and short bios
  2. The Special Session subject/title and brief abstract of the session
  3. The invited/lead-in paper title, speaker and Short Abstract
  4. The three proposed papers: titles, authors, Short Abstracts
  5. Additional information that can help the proposal reviewers (optional)

The special session proposals will be reviewed for fit for NMDC. Once approved, the invited speaker and the authors for the proposed papers must submit them to EDAS for processing through the NMDC review process by the deadline. See section A (for regular 20 minute papers) and section C (for invited papers) of the Authors info.

NOTE: the invited paper and three session paper Short Abstracts can be directly re-used in the EDAS abstract paper submissions.

First Special Session Organizer's Name (required)

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Brief Abstract (50-100 words) (required)

Invited/Lead-in paper Title, speaker's name & Affiliation (required)

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First Paper Proposed Title, Author(s) names & Affiliations (required)

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