IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference (NMDC)

Mark Johnson

Practical Quantum Computing

Mark Johnson, D-Wave


Quantum computing has entered an era where differentiation is better measured in the variety and value of customer applications than it is with physical device metrics. I will review D-Wave’s recent product release, advantage, its role in D-Wave’s approach to attacking business scale problems, and some of the practical uses it is being put to.  These include scheduling, logistics, portfolio optimization, risk assessment, and de novo protein design. Quantum annealing has also shown significant promise in quantum materials simulation, and I will review some of the most important results in this area. While there are no Universal Quantum Computers today, I will discuss the prospects for, and directions towards Universal Quantum Computing.


Mark Johnson Ph.D., Vice President of Quantum Products. Mark joined D-Wave in 2005 as an experimental physicist and superconducting circuit design engineer. He continues to work with the D-Wave’s Quantum Processor Development Team as it has developed and delivered five generations of commercial Quantum Annealing Systems. Prior to joining D-Wave, Mark worked as a Scientist with the Superconductive Electronics Organization in TRW, Inc.


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