NMDC Conference Program Committee/Reviewer Application

NMDC is seeking volunteers to be reviewers of abstracts and papers. It is not required to attend the conference to be a reviewer.

Please fill out the application form. Note that we request you send in a (brief) CV or other information on your technical background and experience. Also, we request the name of a reference who can attest to your qualifications. While we ask if you are an IEEE member, that is not a requirement.

    NMDC Conference Program Committee/Reviewer Application Form

    Please note an Papercept account is required to be on the program committee / reviewer

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    Nanorobotics and nanomanufacturingNano-biomedicineNanofabricationNano-Optics, Nanophotonics, and Nano-OptoelectronicsSpintronicsNanoelectronicsNanoscale communications and NanonetworksNanosensors and NanoactuatorsMEMS/NEMSNanoelectronicsNano-fluidics and integrated bio-chipsNanomaterialsDNA NanotechnologyNanodiamond and nanocarbon structures: materials and devicesNanometrology and CharacterizationModeling and SimulationNanopackagingNanomagneticsNanoenergy, Environment and SafetyNano-acoustic Devices, Processes & MaterialsQuantum, Neuromorphic & Unconventional ComputingEmerging Plasma NanotechnologiesEmerging material and device challenges in futuristic systemsEducation in nanotechnologyEthics in NanotechnologyCommercializing nanotechnologyFundamentals and applications of nanotubes, nanowires, quantum dots and other low dimensional materials

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