Invited Speakers

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Hiroshi Amekura, NIMS, Japan, “Shape elongation of embedded metal nanoparticles by irradiation of swift heavy ions and cluster ions”

Alexander Azarov, University of Oslo, Norway, “Combined ion implantation for defect engineering in GaN and ZnO”

Andrea Ballocchi, LPCNO, INSA, Toulouse, France,  “Electrical Control of the Electron Spin Relaxation in (In)GaAs-based Quantum Wells”

Nadine Collaert, IMEC, Belgium “Vertical devices for future nano-electronic applications”

Fiorenza Fanelli, CNR Bari, Italy, “Preparation of hybrid multifunctional nanocomposite coatings by aeorsol-assisted atmospheric cold plasma deposition”

Vincenzo Giannini, CMTH Imperial College, UK, “Plasmonics with topological nanoparticles”

Carlotta Guiducci, EPFL, Switzerland

Giuliana Impellizzeri, CNR Catania, Italy, “TiO2 and ZnO-based nanomaterials for applications in water treatment”

Adrian Ionescu, EPFL, Switzerland

Myrtil Kahn, LCC, Toulouse, France, “Synthesis of metal oxide: from molecules to devices”

Hagen Klauk, Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart, Germany, “Submicron-Channel-Length Organic Thin-Film Transistors on Flexible Substrates”

Antonino La Magna,CNR-IMM Catania, Italy, “Atom by Atom simulations of nano-materials processing”

Marc Legros, CEMES-CNRS, Toulouse

Stefan Mannsfeld, TU Dresden, Germany – “Shear-Coated High Performance Organic Conducting and Semiconducting Thin Films for Transistor and Solar Cell Applications”

Kirsten Moselund, IBM Zurich, Switzerland, “III-V heterojunction nanowire tunnel FETs monolitically integrated on silicon”

Enrique Navarro, IPE, CSIC Zaragoza, Spain, “The use of biosensors for improving the development of nanotechnology under realistic-use scenarios: applications for cheaper and more effective silver nanoparticles and nanostructured surfaces”

Tetyana Nychyporuk, INL, INSA, Lyon, France, “Silicon nanostructures for third generation photovoltaic solar cells”

Jie Lian Rensselaer, Polytechnic institute, New York, USA, “Scalable Assembly of Graphene Nanosheets into 3D Macroscopic Structures for Effective Thermal Management”

Lidia Santos, U. Lisboa CENIMAT, Portugal, “Functional metal oxide nanoparticles: synthesis and applications”

Riccardo Sapienza, King’s college London, UK, “Hyperuniform plasmonic metasurfaces, controlling light with correlated disorder”

Thomas Schäpers, Forschungszentrum, Jülich, Germany, “Ballistic and Spin Transport in InAs Nanowires”

Clivia Sotomayor Torres, ICN Barcelona, Spain, “Photonic devices from a phononic perspective: thermal issues and opto-mechanical coupling”

Maria Tchernycheva, Institut d’Electronique Fondamentale, Paris, France, “Flexible optoelectronic devices based on nitride nanowires embedded in polymer films”

Pillar Tiemblo Magro, CSIC Madrid, Spain, “Sustainable approaches in the design and preparation of polymer based insulators and electrolytes”

Frank Wang, Nanjing University, China, “Novel optoelectronic devices based on planar graphene-nanotube hybrid film”

Hans-Christian Weissker, CINaM, Marseille, France, “From small clusters to larger nanoparticles: Quantum calculations in TDDFT”




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