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Paestum is commonly known for its ancient Greek and Roman ruins. However, it also offers visitors an array of natural beauty to discover. From stunning beaches to untouched landscapes, exploring Paestum’s natural scenery is an unforgettable experience.

One of the highlights of Paestum’s natural beauty is its beaches. Lido di Paestum, located just a short distance from the archaeological site, has a vast stretch of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. The beach is surrounded by pine trees, making it a perfect spot for a picnic or a peaceful stroll. Another must-see beach is Punta Licosa, located along the Cilento Coast. The untouched coastline features secluded coves and stunning cliffs, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers.

In addition to its beaches, Paestum also boasts a diverse range of landscapes. The nearby Calore River is a prime example of this. The river carves its way through the countryside, offering visitors a chance to witness the area’s lush vegetation and wildlife. For hikers, exploring the Cilento National Park is an absolute must. The park covers a vast area of almost 2,500 square kilometers, and it features landscapes ranging from rugged mountains to pristine beaches. The park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it an essential destination for those seeking natural beauty.

About food, the cuisine of Cilento is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean diet, which is known for its health benefits and use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The cuisine of Cilento is simple, rustic, and delicious, with a focus on fresh, local ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

Overall, discovering Paestum’s natural beauty is an experience that is just as awe-inspiring as exploring its ancient ruins. With its beaches, rivers, and stunning landscapes, the town is sure to captivate the hearts of travelers who want to experience the best of Italy’s natural beauty.

Below is a list of the place that we recommend to visit around Paestum

  1. Agropoli

  2. Amalfi Coast

  3. Greek temples of Paestum

  4. Pompei and Ercolano

  5. The Cilento Park

  6. The Coast

  7. Vesuvio





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