Women in Innovation and Sustainability

To promote personal and professional growth for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), this special networking event will be arranged as part of the IEEE NMDC2019 conference. Four top female leaders/scientists are invited to share their personal successful experience on insight scientific frontiers, technology innovation strategy planning/processing and entrepreneurship culture with the participants. Hope it can inspire young professionals and PhD students to be future leaders in STEM areas, especially with focus to incorporate their considerations and actions on innovation and sustainability into their daily work/life.

The event chairs: Qin Wang (RISE Acreo) & Magnus Svensson (Vinnova Smart Electronics System program)


12:30 – Welcome, Prof. Jan Linnors, KTH
12:35 – Acknowledgments to sponsors, Dr. Qin Wang, RISE Acreo AB
12:40 – Matilda Ernkrans, the Swedish Minister of Higher Education and Research, “Development of Higher Education Institutions – our Feminist Government at work”
12:50 – Charlotte Karlsson, director of ICT division RISE, “Leadership in sustainability and innovation – how do we at RISE support Swedish Society?”
13:10 – Linda Lyckman, CTO of SSC, Swedish Space Corporation, “Why diversity matters in the space industry”
13:30 – Luisa Torsi, University Bari, Italy, one of plenary speakers of IEEE NMDC 2019, “How not to STEM women’s potential?”
13:50 – end

Matilda Ernkrans

Charlotte Karlsson

Linda Lyckman

Luisa Torsi

Note: Photo of Matilda Ernkrans by Kristian Pohl/Government Offices of Sweden.


Time: Monday, Oct 28th, 12:30-14:00
Place: The Brewery Conference Centre, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Room: Mälarsalen
Food: Buffé lunch will be served in room “Strindbegssalen”.
Registration: All IEEE NMDC participants are welcome, no extra registration is needed.
Cost: The event is free of charge, sponsored by IEEE Photonics Society, Vinnova Smart Electronics System program, KTH and RISE AB





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