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Visit Toulouse

« The pink City » of southwest France has much to offer : the green banks of the Garonne, aeronautical and space industries.
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Quarter Saint-Etienne:
Saint-Etienne is the chicest quarter of Toulouse. The “capitouls” – Toulouse lords – built their lavish houses here, and four centuries later, the shops lining the small streets near the cathedral are equally luxurious.

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The left bank
The Toulouse’ left bank was one of the liveliest part of town. After renewal projects, we can see sunny squares, charming little renovated houses and refurbished quays, the Chateau d’eau, the photography gallery, libraries, Raymond VI Garden, Scultures, the famous Musée des Abattoirs…!

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Source: http://www.toulousevisit.com/tourisme

Cité de l’espace
If you want to walk on the moon, The “Cité de l’espace” is the place to be. The park is a must-see in Toulouse, the European aeronautics capital. You will discover lot of attractions : the Mir space station, the tiny space of a Soyuz cabin, the model of Ariane 5, the moon-walk simulator, the Imax and its gigantic 3D screen, showing films made in space.
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Source: http://www.toulousevisit.com/tourisme

The historical canal
If you like walking in nature, visit the the banks of the Canal du Midi! This haven for walker and cyclists was imagined by Pierre-Paul Riquet with 240 kilometers canal linking the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean. Now, the Calan du Midi if the most impressive works of civil engineering in the world, listed as a UNESCO World.
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Local Heroes
The Toulouse rugby club, one of the most successful club in Europe. Called “red and black” players, more than 2.00 meters tall and more than 120 kilograms of solid muscle. The city lives with rugby: streets, bars, restaurants….play rugby.
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Source: http://www.toulouse-tourisme.com , http://www.menly.fr

Pastel and violet factories
The “Pink City” may be named for its brick buildings, but the city has another favourite colors : the violet and the blue obtained from dyer’s woad, a plant that flourished in the region in the 15th and 16th centuries and brought the city great wealth.
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The place of Capitole
The Place du Capitole has an giant Occitan cross set in the ground at its center. This square was created by the Lords in the 18th century. Now it’s the place of the town hall. You will find famous brasseries under the arches, you will take a place to a bar, eat something in the restaurants, walk under the arches, visit the libraries, walk in the pedestrian streets…
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Airbus City
Airbus is wellknown in the world with the Aérospatiale, the Caravelle, the Concorde and the first Airbuses and now the A380 assembly lines. Airbus is the home to huge white hangars, a realm of fuse-lages, tails and landing gear, along with the company headquarters, design labs, work-shops, a a private lycée – a city within the city. More than 120.000 people visit Airbus every year just to see the largest aircraft ever constructed.
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