Invited Speakers

NMDC 2018 Confirmed Invited Speakers

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SpeakerPresentationSession IDSession Time
Knut Aasmundtveit
University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway
“Carbon Nanotubes Directly Integrated in CMOS by Local Synthesis – Towards a Wafer-Level Process”T3-M310/15/2018 15:30
Zlatan Aksamija
University of Massachusetts-Amherst, MA, USA
“Electronic and Thermoelectric Transport in 2-Dimensional Materials and Heterostructures”T3-W210/17/2018 13:30
Antonio Di Bartolomeo
Universita’ degli Studi di Salerno, SA, Italy
“Persistent photoconductivity, hysteresis and field emission in MoS2 back-gate field-effect transistors”T2-W110/17/2018 10:30
Matthias Batzill
University of South Florida, USA
“Interfaces and Defects in 2D Materials”T4-W110/17/2018 10:30
Can Bayram
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA
“Atomic Engineering of Gallium Nitride Semiconductors for Ultraviolet-to-Terahertz Photonics”T1-W310/17/2018 15:30
Peter Burke
University of California, Irvine, CA, USA
“Applications of nano-electronics in electrophysiology and mitochondrial biology”T3-T110/16/2018 10:30
Sorin Cotofana
Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands
“On Energy Effective Graphene Based Boolean Gates”T2-W310/17/2018 15:30
Liang Dong
Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA
“Graphene Foam Based Biochemical Sensors and Energy Harvesting Devices”T2-M110/15/2018 10:30
Jan Felba
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw, Poland
“Technological aspects of silver nanoparticles sintering for electronic packaging”T2-M210/15/2018 13:30
Philip Feng
Case Western Reserve University, OH, USA
“2D Semiconductor and Van Der Waals Heterostructure Devices and Systems”T4-T310/16/2018 15:30
Steve Goodnick
Arizona State University, AZ, USA
“Nonequilibrium Electron and Phonon Dynamics in Advanced Photovoltaic Devices”T3-W110/17/2018 10:30
Reuven Gordon
University of Victoria, BC, Canada
“Sub-nanometer Plasmonics: Quantum Regime Functional Meta-surfaces and the Plasmonic Coulomb Blockade”T1-T310/16/2018 15:30
Bonnie Gray
Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
“Nanoparticle composites for wearable and reconfigurable bio-microfluidic systems”T3-M210/15/2018 13:30
Mona Jarrahi
University of Californa, Los Angeles, USA
“Plasmonics-Enhanced Terahertz Devices”T1-W310/17/2018 15:30
Kaili Jiang
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
“Growth and Characterization of Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes for Nanoelectronics”T2-W310/17/2018 15:30
Xiaoning Jiang
North Carolina State University, NC, USA
“Nano-acoustics: materials, devices and applications”T2-T210/16/2018 13:30
Jun Jiao
Portland State University, OR, USA
“Graphene for Nanoelectronics – Novel Non Local Spin Valve Design to Reveal Graphene’s Spintronic Properties”T2-T110/16/2018 10:30
Richard Jones
Sheffield University, Great Britain, UK
“Between Promise Fear and Disillusion Two Decades of Public Engagement Around Nanotechnology”P1-M410/15/2018 19:30
Milo Koretsky
Oregon State University, OR, USA
“Reshaping a Nanotechnology Undergraduate Program”T4-M110/15/2018 10:30
Santosh K. Kurinec
Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA
“Molecular Monolayer Doping for Forming Ultra Shallow Junctions in Silicon”T1-T210/16/2018 13:30
Wen Jung Li
City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
“Nanomaterial based Pressure Sensor for Sphygmographic Pulse Pattern Analysis”T1-T110/16/2018 10:30
Lih Y. Lin
University of Washington, WA, USA
“Solution-processed Perovskite Optoelectronics”T1-M310/15/2018 15:30
Jan Linnros
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
“Silicon Nanotechnology for Biomolecule Sensing”T2-M110/15/2018 10:30
Kremena Makasheva
LAPLACE / University Paul Sabatier-Plasma Laboratory and Energy Conversion, Cedex, France
“’Protein-adsorption Problem’ Revealed by using Plasma Deposited AgNPs-based Nanocomposites”T3-T110/16/2018 10:30
Cyrus Mody
Maastricht University, The Netherlands
“Ethics in Nano Education, but First the Ethics of Nano Education”P1-M410/15/2018 19:30
Peter Moeck
Portland State University, OR, USA
“Nanotech/Science Education at a Research University”T4-M110/15/2018 10:30
Roberto S. Murphy
Institute of Astrophysics, Optics & Electronics, Puebla, Mexico
“Some Considerations Regarding the Modeling and Characterization of Bulk CMOS Devices for High-Frequency Applications”T3-M110/15/2018 10:30
Eric Pop
Stanford University, USA
“Self-Heating in Devices Based on 2D and Phase-Change Materials”T4-M310/15/2018 15:30
Markondeya Raj Pulugurtha
Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, USA
“Nanostructures for Enabling Implantable Bioelectronic Systems”T2-M310/15/2018 15:30
Evan Reed
Stanford University, USA
“A Guided Safari Through the Properties of over 1000 2D Materials Revealed by Data Mining Techniques”T4-T210/16/2018 13:30
Ricardo Reis
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Port Allegra-RS, Brazil
“Power and Reliability Challenges in IoT Nanoelectronics”T2-T310/16/2018 15:30
Bertrand Reulet
Universite de Sherbrooke, Canada
“Current/voltage Fluctuations in Nanodevices: From Thermal and Shot Noise to Quantum Optics”T4-T110/16/2018 10:30
Clara Santato
Polytechnique Montréal, QC, Canada
“Biosourced Electroactive Materials Towards Green Electronics”T2-M310/15/2018 15:30
Li Shi
University of Texas Austin, USA
“Recent Progress in High-Thermal Conductivity Materials Research”T4-M210/15/2018 13:30
Georgios Sirakoulis
Democritus University of Thrace, Xanthi, Greece
“Future and Emergent Materials and Devices for Resistive Switching and Their Modeling Aspects”T3-W310/17/2018 15:30
Raj Solanki
Portland State University, OR, USA
“2-Dimensional Materials: A journey across flatland”T1-M210/15/2018 13:30
Mircea Stan
University of Virginia, VA, USA
“Back to the future: how FinFETs and 3DIC are making it difficult for emerging nanotechnologies”T3-T210/16/2018 13:30
Yonhua (Tommy) Tzeng
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
“Carbon Nanotechnology for Lithium Ion Battery”T1-W210/17/2018 13:30
Dragica Vasileska
Arizona State University, AZ, USA
“A Unified Numerical Solver for Modeling Metastability and Reliability in CdTe Solar Cells”T1-M310/15/2018 15:30
Christina Villeneuve-Faure
LAPLACE, University of Toulouse, France
"Characterization of the Electrical Behaviour of Thin Dielectric Films at Nanoscale Using Methods Derived from Atomic Force Microscopy: Application to Plasma Deposited AgNPs-based Nanocomposites"T4-W2
10/17/2018 13:30
Zhaohao Wang
Beihang Universiy, P.R. China
“Advanced Nanoscale Magnetic Tunnel Junctions for Low Power Computing”T1-M110/15/2018 10:30
Zhongrui Wang
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
“Pseudo-memcapacitive Neuro-transistor Based Capacitive Neural Network”T3-T310/16/2018 15:30
Benedicte Warot-Fonrose
“TEM Investigations for Nanomaterials Properties”T2-W210/17/2018 13:30
Sheng Xu
University of California, San Diego, USA
“Materials and Devices for Wearable Healthcare from the Skin to Below the Skin”T3-M310/15/2018 15:30
Qing Zhang
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
“Conduction Current and Displacement Current Created in One Generator”T1-W110/17/2018 10:30





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