Organizing Committee

Kremena Makasheva
General Co-Chair
Kremena MAKASHEVA is Senior Researcher at CNRS, Laboratory on Plasma and Conversion of Energy (LAPLACE), Toulouse, France. She obtained a Ph.D. degree on Plasma Physics from Sofia University, Bulgaria, 2002, for her work on surface wave sustained plasmas. In 2003 she joined the Université de Montréal, Canada for almost 4 years to work on surface wave plasmas at atmospheric pressure and especially to study the contraction phenomenon of electrical gas discharges. In 2007 she moved to Toulouse, France to work in LAPLACE laboratory on modeling microwave plasmas sustained by dipolar plasma sources. Since 2009 she works on plasma deposition of nanostructured thin dielectric layers, their characterization and analysis in relation with the dielectric charging phenomenon. Multifunctionality of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) is in the heart of her research. In 2015 she and her colleagues proposed AgNPs-based blocking nanocomposite layers to control the transport of injected charges in thin dielectrics. Her research activities are directed to study of reactive plasmas, design and study of plasma deposited nanostructured dielectric materials containing AgNPs for biomedical, optical and electrical engineering applications. She serves IEEE Nanotechnology Council (IEEE NTC) with different actions, as General Chair of the 11th IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conferences (IEEE NMDC) in 2016 in Toulouse and of the 16th IEEE NMDC 2021 in Vancouver, as Vice-Chair of the IEEE NTC Summer School on Nanotechnology for electronics in 2017 and currently as IEEE NTC Vice-President for Technical Activities 2020-2021.
Senior Researcher, CNRS, Laboratory on Plasma and Conversion of Energy (LAPLACE), Toulouse, France
Xiaoning Jiang
General Co-Chair
James Spicer
General Co-Chair, TPC Chair
Reuven Gordon
General Co-Chair
Lee Oien
Finance Chair
Makhsud Saidaminov
Registration Chair
Bonnie Grey
Publicity Chair
Anand Shah
Local Arrangement Chair
Anand Shah, Electrical Engineer, Powertech Labs Inc
Vice-Chair, IEEE Day 2021
Vice-Chair, Young Professionals Committee, IEEE Canada / Region 7
Vice-Chair, PES Vancouver Chapter
Chair, IEEE PES Student Chapters Communications Committee
Powertech Labs
Yann Cressault
Publication Chair
Catherine Tran
Exhibition/Sponsor Chair
Catherine Tran is an Engineering Technician at Intel Corporation based in Oregon, USA, where she performs TEM imaging analysis. She completed her undergraduate degree in materials engineering at the University of Toronto, Canada. She likes volunteering as a way to experience and learn new things, as well as connect with communities she finds an interest in. 
Engineering Technician at Intel Corporation based in Oregon, USA
Michael Adachi
Exhibition/Sponsor Co-Chair
Ed Perkins
Website Chair/Technology Chair
Qianqian Cai
Assistant Webmaster





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