Cilento Coast

If you want to spend a holiday made of fun and culture, Paestum is the perfect place. The beach is long (15 km) and wide and the sea of Cilento is beautiful. There is a wide pinewood between thebeach  beach and temple the road. Pines offer the possibility to enjoy cool moments in the hottest hours of the day. This is the perfect place to have a cool break during a long day spent on the beach. Inside the pinewood there are well-equipped camps that give the possibility to live in a pleasant nature with great comfort. Near the pinewood and the beach there are several hotels, too. Not far from the beach, there are the famous temples of Paestum, they are very well kept and they let the visitor live the magic ancient atmosphere of a world that was so important for our modern civilization. Visiting these temples, tourists live the charm of an ancient world and of magic rites of the past. The biggest and the most ancient temple is the one dedicated to Hera. This temple was called basilica. Another temple is dedicated to Poseidon and the third to Athena, the ancient goddess of wisdom.


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